“My husband and I are eternally grateful for the Love First Marriage Movement. We have learned things about marriage that we would have never learned anyplace else. We both come from single parent homes and had no reference to healthy marriages. The transparency that Todd and Ingrid Pickett display when it comes to marriage and issues that affect marriage really promotes healing from the root of the problem. We are better in our marriage because we have learned to choose love over everything else. The Wife Coach (Ingrid) has stretched me as a woman and a wife in places that I would have never addressed on my own. I have learned the importance of self reflection, loving without limits, and self care, all of which has made me a better wife, mother, and friend.

Thank you #lovefirst for all that you do…”
- SG

“I was at a low point in my personal life. I felt like I couldn’t win, my family and I were not getting along. My boyfriend and I split up. I was also trying help save everyone else, never saying no. Always trying to figure out everyone else’s problems. After all the fighting and saving I was left DRAINED! I knew I needed help before I completely lost my mind. I wanted help FAST but didn’t feel like going into anyone’s office to “talk.” I came across Ingrid’s #LoveFirst Movement on social media. I reached out, she was ready to help me. She was a friend. We talked. She helped me realize, it’s not my fault. I don’t have to “fight.” She asked that I Respond with love. And most importantly, she reminded me of the power of prayer. Prayer to help cleanse my mind, my heart and my soul. Prayer to help me heal. She assured me  everyday I can start a new. 

I remember Ingrid asking me why did I always try to help everyone, was it a way to make sure they will love me? Will they not love me if I don’t do for them?  It wasn’t easy purging from pain but I pushed through. The most important lesson I learned with Ingrid was to ACT IN LOVE - LOVE FIRST IN ALL SITUATIONS. When you don’t fight back, others will listen and in a way, they will self reflect. She was my mirror. I am so happy now. Confident and strong. My family is by side, my boyfriend and I are stronger than ever. Ingrid helped me readjust my personal mirrors. I will forever be grateful for her!!“

Best Regards,


“The wife coach is amazing!

She provides a very unique blend of biblical truths and practical information that can help every wife or wife-to-be.  She tackles the topics that a lot of wives struggle with in silence.  I appreciate that she pushes me to level up not just as a wife but as a woman so that I can be more effective in every area of my life.”  
- NW

“Pastors Todd and Ingrid are a breath of fresh air in helping millennial marriages. Giving essential tools to have longevity and add fire into our marriage. I recommend them every time I run across people looking for counseling, or every time a marriage event comes up and they are involved in.“
- SG


“LoveFirst marriage movement was a safe place for my husband and I to talk about the hard things. It allowed us to get back to what’s most important and learn to communicate again. To listen not only to the words but the heart of the matter.”  

“My testimony leaded to an Our testimony!!

Love First Marriage Movement change my life as single person and prepared me for marriage. They taught me that when you deal with your past baggage and love yourself, love will find you.

As a married person the Love First Marriage Movement showed my husband and I, marriage is more than just going 50/50. It's listening to understand instead of speaking to be heard, loving each other in a way that leaves you speechless!

Thank you LoveFirstMarriageMovement!!!“
Love Y’all,

“I am grateful to God for Love First Marriage Ministry, as it put me back on the path God has planned for my life. I went for my marriage but it has done so much more for me as a wife, mother, co-worker must believe and be intentional daily for every aspect starting with your relationship with God!”