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Love First, Always

With over 30 years of marriage under their belt and counting, Todd and Ingrid Pickett are empowering individuals and couples across the world to know and be whom God created them to be by recognizing that love comes first, always. Their down-to-earth, genuine approach toward love and life has gained the trust of countless people. More importantly, they have strengthened the bonds among couples who lost hope, couples seeking help, couples wanted to improve, and individuals looking to heal from negative generational pattterns. With Ingrid and Todd, you not only gain wisdom, insight, and direction, but you gain life-long friends, a true rarity in today's service-based industry. Read below to discover the many services offered by the Love First Marriage Movement.

What We Do
Meet Todd and Ingrid, Founders of LoveFirst 365

The Love First Movement is changing the narrative of counseling, one person and one couple at a time. Gone are the days when counseling is a hush-hush topic. Instead, the LoveFirst team welcomes healthy, productive conversations, conversations that shift relationships, for the better, elevate couples to new heights, improve individuals, and facilitate happy, healthy decisions and actions among all. 

When speaking with Todd and Ingrid, you're speaking to a trusted, knowledgeable friend, a friend who will lead you to better days, stronger relationships, and a sounder mind. They understand the value of genuine interaction, as each counseling session is built and based on honesty, openness, and authentic communication.

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