About Love First Marriage Movement

Todd and Ingrid Pickett, creators of the Love First Marriage Movement (LFMM), are passionate about coaching couples, individuals, and families to greatness. LFMM was created with a specific goal in mind – help people discover their purpose in marriage and to succeed in choosing love first. For over 15 years, Todd and Ingrid have been working with a range of clientele, both married and seeking to be married, providing the necessary tools to empower others to choose love first. This incredibly special, God-ordained relationship consulting company provides counseling and coaching from two people who not only love love but have been married for over 27 years. As relationship specialists and servants of the Lord, Todd and Ingrid use their keen coaching skills, innate wisdom, and two decades of marital experience to strengthen, heal, and aid other couples and individuals. LFMM is more than a movement; it’s their calling, and Todd and Ingrid purposefully listen, coach, and equip as many people as possible to accomplish shared goals in love.