Love First Academy


Level up from the inside out.


It's time to transition from a place of pain to genuine peace and resilience.

Let's take the journey from marital rags to marital bliss!

We work with couples to help them acknowledge trauma, navigate beyond present marital drama and any pain of the past, manage change, and beautifully evolve.

We have created a safe space for couples.  Each couple has a choice

of intimate face time alone with or benefit from group interaction.

Group interaction is important  because it places you with

like minded people learning together and interacting as a community.  


We will also have a space for all the women to meet without the men and vice versa for the men.  All in a 12 week/90 day time frame.  The approach has proven to be the best of all worlds for couples.

Effective coaching will support, improve, and elevate your relationship. You don't have to work through your problems alone... coaching/counseling is a healthy means to increase communication and intimacy. 

  1. Explore reasons for negative perceptions and behaviors in the relationship and seek to restore communication.

  2. Together, we will create new, positive interactions between partners and strengthen emotional bonds. 

  3. Help partners better understand each other and the respective patterns in the relationship.

  4. Additionally, your session's will allow you the space to explore past issues from different perspectives and gain insight into adjustments that need to be made. 

  5. Please note: This is a group coaching platform, with couple’s private break out rooms each week as needed.

  6. We also do separate breakout rooms for men and women.

In these sessions, we will do the following:

Group and individual coaching

Couples coaching:

This is a 12-week/90-day cycle

$997 (if paid in full)
$1247 (if paid in three installments)

Elite couples coaching:

This is a 12-week/90-day cycle

$1997 (if paid in full)
$2347 (if paid in three installments)