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Restyle and Reset Intensive

Beautify from the inside out.
 It's time to transition to genuine peace and resilience.
Let's take the journey together

Restyle & Reset (Life) Coaching for Women


Your life has new meaning, and we are going to help you translate the new thing that’s beginning in your life.  Through the Redefine Restyle sessions, you will gain new meaning by looking into your past, understanding your present, and giving meaning to your future.  It’s time to press reset and redefine your true identity in Christ through purpose positioning and finding value in redefining the trajectory of your destiny.


It’s time to rediscover the real you!  During this Rediscover Restyle power packed discovery and action sessions you will rediscover your passion, reconnect with your gifts, unlock your potential and personal interest in order to discover God’s divine intent for your life.


People say you only get one time to make a first impression, well it’s time to reintroduce yourself!  During the RE-Introduce Restyle Sessions, you are empowered and equipped with the information, tools, and resources to fully execute and successfully live out your purpose.  You will make an introduction that will last your lifetime.

*Life Redesign Healing and Spiritual Growth

Growth Happens when healing begins!  Your life redesign journey starts now.  As part of your spiritual and personal growth journey we will provide you with spiritual and practical strategies and steps for you to become who you were created in life.  Our Life Redesign one on one growth and coaching sessions are interactive and informative sessions that help you to discover:


1: Entry points of rejection

2: Expose spiritual strongholds

3: Elimination of negative generational patterns


*Life Crisis Management


We also provide crisis management strategies and solutions for life changing events to include, but not limited to infidelity, job loss, and divorce mediation through one-on-one sessions.

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Effective coaching will support, improve, and elevate your relationship. You don't have to work through your problems alone... coaching/counseling is a healthy means to increase communication and intimacy. 

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