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"Stop Tripping and Pray" is the key to how me and my husband, Todd, stayed married through what I call our challenging start.  This book is what God created me to do when I cried out to Him for a better language. He instructed me to write a prayer, and I diligently prayed it everyday. Not only did He instruct me to write a prayer, but He guided me to lean on Him more than ever to navigate through a completely unfamiliar, challenging time in my personal life and within my marriage. Now, 28 years later, I can go through my prayer and check off all that God made happen in my life, my marriage, and the lives of my loved ones. All it took was for me to do a little bit of work by engaging God, devoting my life to Him in prayer for my family and myself, and "Stop Tripping and Pray!"

Stop Tripping and Pray

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