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Join LFMM's emotionally-focused couples' events!

We take our cars for regular oil changes. We often exercise to keep our bodies healthy. We participate in classes and coursework to earn degrees and certifications. So the question remains - what are you doing to contribute to the upkeep and success of your relationship? Relationships requires "oil changes," too, meaning - your marriage needs tune-ups, attention, consistency, and attention, and what better way, in addition to counseling, than to participate in fun and engaging couples' events? Check out the information below about our upcoming virtual couples gathering!

Sign up for what's sure to be a fun, truly transformative experience!
Couples acquire powerful new tools and strategies, tailored to specific needs and personalities
Reconnect and renew intimacy
Enjoy fun couples' games
Win awesome prizes
Take part in private discussion time with Todd & Ingrid
Time for Q&A
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